Kristina Howells


Kristina Howells

Kristina Howells is better known for being a published author and poet. She currently lives in Calais in France, and is a British expat. She has written non-fiction and fiction works.

Her works include:
A Hatter goes Mad
Te Deum
Una voce
Lettre Fatale
Making sense of the Genesis Flood
Making sense of the Life of Christ
Law and Gospel
Les Delices de Calais
Short stories

Kristina Howells British Soprano has recently been working on her first leading role for the French audience. She has recorded a world premiere of all of Holly's Airs in Déjeuner Chez Tiffany, Frederic Bara's musical comedy. Inspired by Truman Capote's film, it tells of a tale between two people, both of whom are complete strangers. Kristina Howells has in her own right won audiences over in the region of Nord Pas de Calais, in both her roles at the theatre in Calais France, in recitals, and regional orchestral concerts. She is also a composer and arranger herself and has worked very closely with Frédéric on this work. 

Frédéric Bara is an established French composer originally from St Omer and has built up a reputation as a composer in the region of Nord Pas de Calais Picardie. He often has his work performed on a regular basis, including his musical arrangements.